Broccili and chickpeas recipe

Spicy Chickpeas and Broccoli

This dish is our favourite way to eat broccoli. It is spicy, warming and filling while being full of nutritional goodness.

I tend to cook this when I can get a bargain on broccoli as it can be quite costly otherwise. My costing of $1.54 per serve was calculated when I last made the dish and bought the broccoli for just $2.00 per kilo. Read more…

50 Simple Money Saving Tips

Using some or all of the following tips will ensure you improve your financial situation and in some cases very rapidly. The most important thing before you begin is to have the right mindset, set your goals and stay positive. Read more…

Mexican Pasta Vegan

One Pot Mexican Pasta

We all have them. You know those days when you are running short of time or you just can’t be bothered making a meal but the family needs to eat. Being frugal and health conscious we don’t do the take-away thing so… Read more…

Pay Cash

Why You Should Pay Cash

We have absolutely no debt here at The Cents house, that’s right zero, nada, zilch! Not one of us out of 5 adults has any credit card, car or finance debt of any kind. I think that’s pretty amazing. Read more…

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