About It Makes Cents

Who are we?

Mr-Cents-and-Mrs-CentsWe are two tenacious people willing to take a risk and follow our dreams to make a life through doing what we love and sharing a message we feel is worth sharing.

Mr Cents has been working from home for a couple of years now, he is a website developer and designer, so of course he does all of the development work here on It Makes cents.

I (Mrs Cents) have run two successful businesses, have a counselling diploma but have recently been working a job that I just barely tolerate in order to help pay the bills. I am the main author of this site.

Late last year my 19 year old daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer. She has had her right ovary and Fallopian tube removed but we are still in unknown territory at this point. She is one of my best friends and a big part of what makes my life wonderful. She is a major reason why I have decided to make the next move.

Yep, I have just finished writing my resignation letter and I feel so many emotions at once:


Excitement that we are following our dreams

Trepidation that this won’t work and then what the feck are we going to do.

Disbelief that I have finally done this after months of deliberation.

What this site is about

What we really want to share with you here is our strong belief that there is more to life than earning just to consume. The standard consumer culture is so pervasive and keeps most of us trapped in lives that don’t allow us to be who we really are or often even know ourselves properly. We are not our possessions!

This site is about thinking outside of the general consumer culture, examining topics like frugality, minimalism, money, growing an emergency fund, how to make money at home, food, contentment, and more. It’s about living the best life you can and making the most of whatever you have.

Hopefully you will find something here to help you on your own journey towards a happy free life. We only get one shot at making something of this brief moment in time we get here on earth. Take risks and think outside of the box and know you have done everything you can to make it the best life you possibly could.

2 Comments on About It Makes Cents

  1. Ash
    12 July, 2016 at 11:44 am (11 months ago)

    What a wonderful site! I hope your decisions have brought you great success, and that your daughter’s health is good. I look forward to exploring all the articles on your site. I found you while ‘googling’ how to cook chickpeas.

    • Mrs. Cents
      15 July, 2016 at 11:40 pm (10 months ago)

      Hi Ash,
      Thanks for your good wishes. My daughters health is still up in the air but we are doing all we can and keeping positive. Will know more in a couple of weeks. I am glad you like the site and I hope you find lots of useful information here. Did you manage to cook your chickpeas? 🙂


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