child having fun in snow

21 Free Ways to Have Fun

Want to have fun but don’t have any money to spare? Having fun doesn’t have to break the bank. As advocates of frugal living, Mr Cents and I have a number of activities we enjoy on a regular basis that don’t cost us a thing. Read more…

Buy nothing day

Buy Nothing Day

Why is it that spending money is so easy? Every year we as a collective spend billions of dollars on stuff and a lot of it is stuff that doesn’t even get used. It sits in cupboards, basements, garages and sheds all over the world until it’s owners decide to either add it to landfill […] Read more…

Keep Your Car Until it Dies

For most of us living with a car is the norm and for a lot of us it’s two cars. If you don’t own a car then you can skip this section and I commend you. If you own two cars, giving up one of them will save you a heap Read more…

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